Flash on the Beach 2011: My Schedule

The amazing Flash on the Beach conference is upon us again. A must every year for me to get my fix of the latest tech, design and web game ideas.

This year I’m speaking on the monday morning – great for me as I don’t have to sweat it for the following few days.

Some major clashes this year – I may have to miss Seb Lee Delisle, Stray, Joel Gethin Lewis, Keith Peters, Conrad Winchester and Stefan Richter. Sorry guys – my arm is up for being twisted though.

Mon 12th Sept 2011
Jon Howard – Playability: Making games for kids
Rob Bateman – Flash 11: Get Ready for Gametime
Eugene Zatepyakin – Natural Features Tracking and Image Pattern Detection / Recognition
Han Hoogerbrugge – Prostress of the graphic universe of Han Hoogerbrugge
Jon Burgerman – A short talk about working and not working and how to waste your time proficiently

Tue 13th
Tomek Augustyn – Riding the Hislope
Joa Ebert – The Tale of a travelling salesman and his four colours
Mike Chambers – Deconstructing theexpressiveweb.com
David Lenaerts – Keeping It Real
Remy Sharp – HTML5: Where flash isn’t needed anymore
Cyriak Harris – Destroying my laptop with After Effects
Jame Victore – Who died and made me boss

Wed 14th
The Elevator Pitch.
Thomas Vian – All aboard the game engine
Lee Brimelow – Render for Speed
Frank Reitberger – Real(hard)time
Joshua Davis – The Unknown Voyage


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