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Where in the World? Intercontinental Ballistic Flash

I shall be presenting “Where in the World? Intercontinental Ballistic Flash” at Europe’s premier rich media conference Flash on the Beach. I’m scheduled to present in the Pavillion Theatre at 10.15am on Tuesday 28th September.

In the first half of the session I’m going to look at techniques for how to build a world in 3D. Take a 2D map, convert it to 3D. Add some models, information pins, zoomability. I’ll describe some optimisation tricks and tips, and some easy methods to build maths formulae.

In the second half I shall be demonstrating a number of ways to create usable, configurable and fun game components. These include bitmapData constructions and manipulations, delta tweening, model parsing and combinations of all three.

If you are at FOTB 2010 if will be great to see you at my session, if not I shall be posting some of the demos and source here very soon.

Flash on the Beach, Brighton 26th to 29th Septhember 2010

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